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I'm a French artist living near Paris. From 1968 to 1973 I studied at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, then at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California, for my BFA. My work for many decades has been informed and inspired by time spent with indigenous communities. Various study trips devoted to the exploration of techniques and natural pigments took me originally to the Dogon of Mali, West Africa, and subsequently to Yanomami communities in Venezuela and Brazil. Over many years, during the winters, I studied the techniques of traditional Bogolan painting. Hand woven fabric is dyed with boiled bark from the Wolo tree or crushed leaves from other trees, then painted with mud from the Niger river which oxidizes in contact with the dye. Through the Dogon and the Yanomami, my interest in the multiplicity of techniques and supports for aesthetic expression influenced my artistic practice. The voyages to the Amazon Rainforest have informed several series of paintings created while living among the Yanomami. The support used is roughly woven canvas prepared with acrylic medium then textured with a mixture of sand from the river bank and lava. This supple canvas is then rolled and transported on expeditions into the forest. They are then painted using a mixture of acrylic colors and Achiote and Genipap, the vegetal pigments used by the Yanomami for their ritual body paintings and on practical and shamanic implements. My concern for the ongoing devastation of the Amazon Rainforest has inspired my films and installation projects. Since 2005, I've created a perfomance and film project - Fire Sculpture - to bring urgent attention to Rainforest issues. To protest against the continuing destruction, I've publicly set fire to my totemic sculptures. These burning sculptures symbolize the degradation of nature and the annihilation of indigenous cultures that depend on the forest for their survival.

O Valor do Ouro que eles tanto ambicionam

Como diz o porta-voz Yanomami Davi Kopenawa em seu livro “A Queda do Céu”: “Quando um ser humano morre, seu fantasma não carrega nenhum de seus bens nas costas do céu, mesmo que ele fosse muito ganancioso. As coisas que … Continue reading

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Are you hungry? Eat your money! — News from Ibonoco

DJ Dag – Alcatraz – Peyotte ” Quand ils auront coupé le dernier arbre, pollué le dernier ruisseau, pêché le dernier poisson. Alors ils s’apercevront que l’argent ne se mange pas. “ Tatanka Yotanka ou Sitting Bull ou Taureau assis … Continue reading

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La Valeur de l’Or qu’ils convoitent tant

Comme le dit le porte-parole des Yanomami Davi Kopenawa dans son livre “La Chute du Ciel”: “Lorsqu’un être humain meurt, son fantôme ne transporte aucun de ses biens sur le dos du ciel, même s’il était très avide. Les choses … Continue reading

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The Value of the Gold they covet so much

As the Yanomami spokesman Davi Kopenawa says in his book “The Falling Sky”:  “When a human being dies, his ghost does not carry any of his goods onto the sky’s back, even if he is very greedy. The things he … Continue reading

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(Questo video contiene immagini stroboscopiche – si consiglia la sorveglianza del visualizzatore) Guarda (versione inglese): versión portuguesa: “Ehi, guardaci! Ti vediamo Cerchiamo di mostrartelo Non ti sei mai preso la briga di imparare la nostra lingua Guardavi sempre … Continue reading

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(Este video contiene imágenes estroboscópicas: se recomienda la vigilancia del espectador) Ver (versión en inglés): (versión portuguesa): “¡Oye, míranos! Te vemos Tratamos de mostrarte Nunca te molestaste en aprender nuestro idioma Siempre estabas mirando hacia abajo Te avisamos … Continue reading

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(Este vídeo contém imagens estroboscópicas – recomenda-se vigilância do espectador) Assistir: (versão em inglês): “Ei – olhe para nós! Nós vemos você Tentamos te mostrar Você nunca se preocupou em aprender nossa língua Você estava sempre olhando para … Continue reading

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(Cette vidéo contient des images stroboscopiques – la vigilance du spectateur est conseillée) Regarder (version anglais): version portugaise: «Hey – Regardez nous Nous vous voyons Nous avons essayé de vous montrer Vous n’avez jamais pris la peine d’apprendre … Continue reading

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Watch video: (This video contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised) “Hey – Look at me We see you We tried to show you You never bothered to learn our language You were always looking down We’ve been … Continue reading

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LA MOSTRA È ESTESA – “Pas de Cartier !” – Gli Yanomami e gli alberi – Estrazione di oro e oro di lusso / COVID-19 diffuso dai miniere d’oro … prorogato fino al 7 febbraio 2021

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“Gli sciamani Yanomami combattono contro lo xawara, il fumo delle epidemie”installazione – tecnica mistaBarbara Crane Navarro “Gli sciamani Yanomami che combattono l’epidemia di xawara vedono apparire l’immagine della malattia sotto forma di bande di…

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