The Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous Peoples in Peril! – a series of short films by Barbara Crane Navarro

« Yanomami boy’s surprise friend in the jungle! » 38 seconds of MAGIC!

Namowë in his canoe with friend (still from film)

Sometimes we miss the most beautiful moments

With Namowë, a Yanomami boy in the Alto Orinoco region, Amazonas, Venezuela in his canoe!

It’s an excerpt of a film that you can see the full version of here:

A film of instants of daily life of a Yanomami community in the Amazon Rainforest of Venezuela made to accompany the children’s book series: “Amazon Rainforest Magic” “La Magie de l’Amazonie” and “La Magia de la Amazonia” for ages 8 to 100, written and illustrated by Barbara Crane Navarro

– Here’s some information for anyone wondering why this longer version of the Yanomami film, originally posted in June 2014 and viewed over 27,000 times, has recently been rated “over 18”:  The Yanomami women in the film have bare torsos and small children are unclothed, as is traditional for them. There are no scenes that could be considered in any way suggestive. The moments of Yanomami daily life are woven with illustrations from my books of the “Amazon Rainforest Magic” series, available in three languages, both volumes of which show drawings of Yanomami women and girls with bare torsos.  Over a thousand copies of my books have been purchased for schools by a school book distribution company in Pennsylvania. I’ve also shown this film in schools while discussing Yanomami community life in the Amazon Rainforest for decades to acclaim by teachers, parents and students of all ages.

Young Capucine monkey

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