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I'm a French artist living near Paris. From 1968 to 1973 I studied at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, then at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California, for my BFA. My work for many decades has been informed and inspired by time spent with indigenous communities. Various study trips devoted to the exploration of techniques and natural pigments took me originally to the Dogon of Mali, West Africa, and subsequently to Yanomami communities in Venezuela and Brazil. Over many years, during the winters, I studied the techniques of traditional Bogolan painting. Hand woven fabric is dyed with boiled bark from the Wolo tree or crushed leaves from other trees, then painted with mud from the Niger river which oxidizes in contact with the dye. Through the Dogon and the Yanomami, my interest in the multiplicity of techniques and supports for aesthetic expression influenced my artistic practice. The voyages to the Amazon Rainforest have informed several series of paintings created while living among the Yanomami. The support used is roughly woven canvas prepared with acrylic medium then textured with a mixture of sand from the river bank and lava. This supple canvas is then rolled and transported on expeditions into the forest. They are then painted using a mixture of acrylic colors and Achiote and Genipap, the vegetal pigments used by the Yanomami for their ritual body paintings and on practical and shamanic implements. My concern for the ongoing devastation of the Amazon Rainforest has inspired my films and installation projects. Since 2005, I've created a perfomance and film project - Fire Sculpture - to bring urgent attention to Rainforest issues. To protest against the continuing destruction, I've publicly set fire to my totemic sculptures. These burning sculptures symbolize the degradation of nature and the annihilation of indigenous cultures that depend on the forest for their survival.

The psychopaths selling out the future of the Amazon: fanatical missionaries, unscrupulous politicians, wildcat gold miners transmitting a deadly virus and lobbyists / Erasure of Indigenous Existence in the time of coronavirus / Part 5

The evangelical missionary Ricardo Lopes Dias has been removed as the head of the “General Coordination of Isolated and Recently Contacted Indigenous Peoples” by Judge Antonio Souza Prudente who ruled that his appointment was clearly a conflict of interest and … Continue reading

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METTERE IN GUARDIA! – GENOCIDE / COVID-19: il Congresso del Brasile ha approvato un disegno di legge per aiutare le popolazioni indigene che autorizza i missionari nelle aree in cui vivono comunità isolate – Cancellazione dell’esistenza degli indigeni / Parte 4

Le comunità indigene isolate in Amazzonia sono il bersaglio di missionari fanatici determinati a stabilire contatti forzati e conversioni, così come i funzionari del governo desiderosi di aprire i territori indigeni a interessi estrattivi e all’agricoltura. La versione originale del … Continue reading

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¡ALERTA! – GENOCIDIO / COVID-19: el Congreso de Brasil aprobó un proyecto de ley para ayudar a los pueblos indígenas que autoriza a los misioneros en áreas donde viven comunidades aisladas – Borrado de la existencia indígena – Parte 4

Las comunidades indígenas aisladas en la Amazonía son el objetivo de misioneros fanáticos decididos a establecer contactos y conversiones forzosas, así como a funcionarios gubernamentales interesados ​​en abrir territorios indígenas a intereses extractivos y agricultura. La versión original del proyecto … Continue reading

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ALERTE! – GENOCIDE / COVID-19: le Congrès du Brésil a approuvé un projet de loi destiné à aider les peuples autochtones qui autorise les missionnaires dans les zones où vivent des communautés isolées – Effacement de l’existence indigène/Partie 4

Les communautés indigènes isolées d’Amazonie sont la cible de missionnaires fanatiques déterminés à entrer en contact et à la conversion forcés ainsi que de représentants du gouvernement désireux d’ouvrir les territoires indigènes aux intérêts extractifs et à l’agriculture. La version … Continue reading

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ALERTA! – GENOCIDE / COVID-19: o Congresso do Brasil aprovou um projeto de lei para ajudar os povos indígenas que autorizam missionários em áreas onde vivem comunidades isoladas – Apagando a existência indígena / Parte 4

Comunidades indígenas isoladas na Amazônia são alvos de missionários fanáticos determinados a fazer contato e conversão forçados, bem como de funcionários do governo que desejam abrir territórios indígenas para interesses extrativos e agricultura. A versão original do Projeto de Lei … Continue reading

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ALERT! – GENOCIDE/COVID-19: Brazil’s Congress approves a bill intended to assist indigenous peoples that allows missionaries into areas with isolated communities – Erasure of Indigenous Existence/Part 4

Isolated indigenous communities in the Amazon are targets of fanatical missionaries intent on forced contact and conversion as well as government representatives intent on opening indigenous territories to extractive interests and agriculture.  The original version of the bill PL1142/2020 called … Continue reading

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TRASGRESSIONE: Popoli indigeni isolati, missionari e COVID-19 / Cancellazione dell’esistenza indigena – proselitismo al tempo dei coronavirus: Parte 3

La regione remota e difficile da raggiungere della valle del Javari in Brasile ha il maggior numero di popolazioni indigene in-contattate nel mondo che sono altamente sensibili alle malattie introdotte nel loro territorio da ciò che consideriamo civiltà. Tra la … Continue reading

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TRANSGRESIÓN: Pueblos indígenas aislados, misioneros y COVID-19 / Borrado de la existencia indígena – Proselitismo en tiempos de coronavirus: Parte 3

La región remota y de difícil acceso del Valle de Javari en Brasil tiene el mayor número de pueblos indígenas no contactados en el mundo que son muy susceptibles a las enfermedades introducidas en su territorio por lo que consideramos … Continue reading

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TRANSGRESSÃO: Povos Indígenas Isolados, Missionários e COVID-19 / Apagamento da Existência Indígena – Proselitismo no Tempo dos Coronavírus: Parte 3

A região remota e de difícil acesso do Vale do Javari, no Brasil, possui o maior número de povos indígenas isolados no mundo, muito suscetíveis a doenças introduzidas em seu território pelo que consideramos civilização. Em meio à pandemia de … Continue reading

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TRANSGRESSION: Peuples indigènes isolés, missionnaires et COVID-19/Effacement de l’existence indigène – le prosélytisme au temps des coronavirus: Partie 3

La région reculée et difficile à atteindre de la vallée de Javari au Brésil compte le plus grand nombre de peuples indigènes non contactés au monde qui sont très sensibles aux maladies introduites sur leur territoire par ce que nous … Continue reading

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