ALL GOLD MINES ARE A CRIME SCENE! Legal and Illegal GOLD Mining are both Destructive!


In Solidarity with communities affected by BARRICK GOLD Corporation!

In Barrick Gold’s 2021 Human Rights Report, President and CEO Mark Bristow stated that “recognizing and respecting human rights have long been a fundamental value for Barrick.” But communities impacted by Barrick operations globally – in the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Pakistan, and in the United States – present a different, somber truth: Barrick seemingly systemically ignores community concerns about the violence of its operations on their land, water, and lives.

Last year, communities affected by Barrick’s operations in Argentina, the Dominican Republic, and Papua New Guinea came together to share their personal experiences of human rights abuse and environmental harm. They shared their struggle to hold Barrick, the world’s second-largest gold mining company, accountable. 

We continue to lift up their voices and the voices of other Barrick-affected communities in Tanzania, Philippines, the United States, and Pakistan. Join us during two weeks of action against Barrick, through April 30!  

photo: Barrick Gold


Sign the petitions:

  • Support the Asamblea Jáchal No Se Toca in Argentina as they demand that Barrick shut down its toxic Veladero mine
  • Sign-on for communities in the Dominican Republic downstream from Barrick’s Pueblo Viejo mine as they demand the government to shut down a dangerous expansion project
  • Take action to encourage President Joe Biden to prevent the serious and irreversible adverse impacts of the proposed Donlin mine on the people, land, fish, and wildlife of the Kuskokwim in Alaska (Action for US citizens only).

photo: Barrick Gold


Take a photo in solidarity with communities harmed by Barrick’s operations and post to social media using the hashtag #ProtestBarrickGOLD!

Show your solidarity by taking a picture with a message of support to Barrick-affected communities and/or a message to Barrick Gold (@BarrickGold) demanding justice, access to information, and remedy for communities harmed by Barrick’s operations. 

Sample messages: 

  • Hold Barrick Gold accountable! 
  • Barrick Gold: Respect Indigenous rights! 
  • Barrick Gold’s legacy is toxic! 
  • Barrick Gold contaminates!
  • Solidarity with communities opposing Barrick Gold!
  • No consent means no gold mining!

photo: Barrick Gold


Please share on social media using the hashtags #ProtestBarrickGold and $ABX.TO 

Stay tuned for upcoming actions around Barrick’s annual shareholder meeting in May!

From: Mining Watch Canada


For details concerning communites affected by Barrick Gold, please see here:

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I'm a French artist living near Paris. From 1968 to 1973 I studied at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, then at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California, for my BFA. My work for many decades has been informed and inspired by time spent with indigenous communities. Various study trips devoted to the exploration of techniques and natural pigments took me originally to the Dogon of Mali, West Africa, and subsequently to Yanomami communities in Venezuela and Brazil. Over many years, during the winters, I studied the techniques of traditional Bogolan painting. Hand woven fabric is dyed with boiled bark from the Wolo tree or crushed leaves from other trees, then painted with mud from the Niger river which oxidizes in contact with the dye. Through the Dogon and the Yanomami, my interest in the multiplicity of techniques and supports for aesthetic expression influenced my artistic practice. The voyages to the Amazon Rainforest have informed several series of paintings created while living among the Yanomami. The support used is roughly woven canvas prepared with acrylic medium then textured with a mixture of sand from the river bank and lava. This supple canvas is then rolled and transported on expeditions into the forest. They are then painted using a mixture of acrylic colors and Achiote and Genipap, the vegetal pigments used by the Yanomami for their ritual body paintings and on practical and shamanic implements. My concern for the ongoing devastation of the Amazon Rainforest has inspired my films and installation projects. Since 2005, I've created a perfomance and film project - Fire Sculpture - to bring urgent attention to Rainforest issues. To protest against the continuing destruction, I've publicly set fire to my totemic sculptures. These burning sculptures symbolize the degradation of nature and the annihilation of indigenous cultures that depend on the forest for their survival.
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